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Season 4 registration for the Young Star program is now closed. Please join us for our Saturday, May 21st 2016 production. Further details will be posted soon! 

**We are now located in The Destiny Center 1561 Old Leonard Avenue/ Columbus, OH 43219**

For The Love of Dance welcomes you to our third dance season! Follow our fan page on Facebook and stay in the loop with upcoming events and features!

We offer a variety of dance techniques for ages 3 to adult. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, conditioning, fitness classes, and acting for children.  

Ballet is the core focus of our program, as For The Love of Dance understands this is the foundation for strengthening in all other areas of dance. We embrace all ages and invite you to attend one or all of our classes.

Our program has 3 components- the Young Star program is designed to support the FTLOD mission. The next component is our Adult program which is centered around technique, and fitness. 

FTLOD also offers a 3rd and final component, where select outside dancers have the opportunity to audition and perform in one of our local productions. 

Season 4 enrollment begins Sunday, 

 Contact us today 614 305-5125, Ext 1


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